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Elite Tri Coaching: The Gold Standard in Triathlon Training

Triathletes at the starting line

Harness the Power of Elite Tri Coaching

Triathlon is a demanding sport, requiring a comprehensive approach to training. This is where Elite Tri Coaching comes into play. Elite Triathlon Coaching, a distinguished provider of customised performance coaching programmes, is based in the North of England and North Yorkshire. We offer a unique blend of online and 1:2:1 coaching designed to help athletes reach their goals efficiently.

The Philosophy Behind Our Tri Coaching

Our tri coaching philosophy is rooted in our extensive experience and qualifications. We believe in providing expertly-written training plans and offer full coach support to our athletes. Our coaching structure allows athletes to have a coach they can contact for advice, helping them reach their goals much more quickly.

Bespoke Triathlon Training Plans

At Elite Tri Coaching, we offer tailored triathlon training plans for all distances, from sprints to Ironman races. Our plans are designed to be accessible on various devices, including phones, tablets, and computers. This makes it easy for athletes to stay on track with their training, no matter where they are.

Strength & Conditioning: A Key Part of Your Training

Our tri coaching also includes a focus on strength and conditioning. We provide a comprehensive PDF guide and Knowledge Base, equipping athletes with the tools they need to train effectively and get the most out of their plans.

Individual Sport Coaching

In addition to our triathlon training plans, we also offer individual sport coaching. We coach swim, bike and run individually, allowing athletes to focus on improving in specific areas.

Achieve Your Personal Best with Elite Tri Coaching

Our tri coaching is designed to help athletes achieve their personal best. In 2024, we aim to guide even more athletes to their personal best performances. Under our expert guidance, athletes can excel in their triathlon training and achieve top performance and results.

Contact Us for Expert Tri Coaching

If you're a serious triathlete looking to reach your goals, Elite Tri Coaching is the ideal solution. Contact us at +44 (0) 1642 040012 or email us at

In conclusion, our tri coaching offers a comprehensive, tailored approach to triathlon training. With our expert guidance and support, you can reach your goals and achieve your personal best. Join the Elite Tri Coaching community today and take your triathlon performance to the next level.

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