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Elevate Your Triathlon Performance with Our Premier Coaching Programs

Updated: Feb 7

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Elite Tri Coaching

Transform Your Triathlon Journey with Elite Coaching

Welcome to the pinnacle of triathlon training excellence. Our coaching programs are meticulously designed to elevate your performance, whether you're preparing for an Ironman or a duathlon or seeking to enhance your cycling or running skills. Our team, based in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, brings unparalleled expertise and a global reach in triathlon coaching.

Comprehensive Ironman Full Package - £125 per Month

Tailored for Ironman Success

Unlimited Feedback: Receive continuous, in-depth feedback.
Customised Session Planning: Personalised 1:2:1 sessions.
Triathlon Training Planner: Covering swim, bike, and run.
Advanced Communication Tools: Feedback through Training Peaks, email, and Zoom/Skype.
Premium Training Peaks Account: For detailed monitoring.
Initial Consultation: This includes season goal planning and data uploads.
Race Day Strategy: Tailored to your specific needs.
Post-Race Analysis: To continually refine your performance.
Unlimited Plan Changes: Adaptability to your evolving needs.
30-day Notice Period: Flexibility for your convenience.

Advanced Triathlon Package - £105 per Month

Comprehensive Training for Triathlon Enthusiasts

7-Day Free Trial: Experience our service commitment.
All Features of Ironman Full Package: With a focus on triathlon-specific training.

Advanced Duathlon Package - £99 per Month

Specialised Duathlon Focus

Two Disciplines Covered: Tailored training for bike and run.
All Other Features: Similar to the Advanced Triathlon Package.

Basic Triathlon Package - £89 per Month

Core Triathlon Training Essentials

Feedback on Four Key Sessions Per Week: Focused and efficient.
Basic Training Peaks Account: Essential monitoring tools.
30-Day Notice Period: Maintaining flexibility.

Basic Duathlon Package - £75 per Month

Duathlon Training Fundamentals

Similar Structure to Basic Triathlon Package: With a focus on bike and run disciplines.

Individual Discipline Coaching - £75 per Month

Specialised Focus on Cycling or Running

Cycling Coaching: Ideal for various cycling events.
Run Coaching: Tailored for road race, trail, and cross-country.
Run Coaching with Power: Utilising Stryd Power Meter for enhanced training.
Swim Coaching: Focused on improving swim posture, pace, and power.

Time Trial Package - £69 per Month

Targeted Time Trial Training

Specialised Time Trial Focus: With feedback on four key sessions per week.
FTP Power and Bike Efficiency: To maximise your cycling performance.

Why Choose Us?

Our programs stand out due to our commitment to personalised attention, advanced training methodologies, and a deep understanding of the multi-faceted nature of triathlon training. We believe in a holistic approach, ensuring that each athlete receives the guidance needed to excel in all aspects of their chosen discipline.

Join Us Today

Embark on your journey to triathlon excellence with us. Our programs are more than just training plans; they are pathways to achieving your greatest potential. Sign up now and experience the transformation.

Please see our plans page for the latest / up-to-date prices.

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